Molecular hydrogen (H2) therapy is set to soon be a massively popular health trend in the United States, considering its multitude of powerful health applications coupled with zero risk factors or side effects. The hydrogen-rich water market is already growing rapidly here and will continue to grow exponentially if the current trends in Asia can help predict anything: H2 water is an over $11.3 billion (U.S. dollars) industry, and in Japan, it accounts for over 10% of the total bottled water market!

There is just one problem… as the hydrogen industry continues to get more crowded, it may get confusing if you’re not informed about how to judge which hydrogen products to use. As a consumer, it’s important to realize the fact that not all hydrogen water is created equal, and the last thing you want to do is invest your time and money on a product that simply isn’t capable of producing the benefits you’re looking for. So how can you tell which hydrogen products are superior? One word – CONCENTRATION. And objectively, trusii is sitting at the top of the heap in hydrogen concentration… by a long shot.

Studies have shown (with even more underway) that a higher concentration of hydrogen makes a tremendous difference in the health results you can expect from hydrogen therapy. But what does a higher concentration of H2 even mean? In essence, hydrogen-rich water is simply water with hydrogen gas bubbled into it. While this is seemingly a simple concept, actually generating and then infusing the H2 gas into water is a lot easier said than done.
The amount of molecular hydrogen in water is typically measured in parts per million (ppm) or mg/L. There are many factors to consider here, but here at trusii, we’ll do our best to break it down for you.

Why is a higher concentration of H2 important?

It’s first critical to understand just how drastic different concentrations of H2 can be. Because H2 is the smallest molecule in the universe, there are far more molecules per dose than any other type of antioxidant solution. For example, at a concentration of 1.6 ppm, there are more H2 molecules in a 1.6 mg dose than there are vitamin C molecules in a 100 mg dose of pure vitamin C! Therefore, a difference of just 1ppm of H2 water actually represents a very significant difference in the amount of H2 molecules you’d be exposing yourself to. Considering there is absolutely no risk to overdose on H2, the more of it you can get into your system at one particular time the better. In fact, in studies comparing various concentrations of H2 (1.25, 2.5, and 5.0 ppm), H2 was shown to have a dose-dependent increase in the concentration of hydrogen in the tissues.[1] In other words, the higher concentration of H2 in water consumed, the more H2 molecules that will be present in your body to penetrate your cells and work their therapeutic and anti-inflammatory magic.

What concentration of H2 water is best?

While most studies using H2 water have shown a therapeutic benefit at concentrations as low as 1.6 ppm, a concentration that low is far from ideal. Studies have shown a dose-dependent response and that drinking high ppm H2 water (measured at 4 – 5 ppm) can saturate the body far more effectively than H2 water at a lower concentration[2]
Other studies have suggested that a higher concentration of H2 results in improved survival times and higher clinical scores in lab studies[3]. Clinical studies at even higher concentrations are still needed, but the future looks promising as there are now machines capable of reaching higher ppm consistently.
In addition, it’s simply common sense: you can only drink so much water over the course of a day, and if you’re looking for the greatest therapeutic benefit and the greatest opportunity for H2 molecules to reach every cell in your body, you’re going to want to drink the most H2 per ounce that you can find. How can you and your whole family enjoy benefits of this highly-concentrated infused molecular hydrogen water? 
There really are only two ways to maximize your hydrogen bang for your buck: high-concentration H2 tablets and high-concentration hydrogen water systems. And because we’ve been so focused on maximizing the amount of hydrogen that we can deliver to our clients, our trusii H2Now tablets and hydrogen water systems are the world leaders in hydrogen concentration. 
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