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If someone were to tell you “there is an invisible force all around us causing fatigue, damage to our cells, and raising our risk for major chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s. And to make things worse, it’s caused by the devices that we have made essential parts of our lives…” what would you say?

Does it sound crazy… like Better Call Saul’s brother with the tinfoil suit? MAYBE a little bit… but more and more scientific evidence is coming out that the electromagnetic frequencies and radiation we’re exposed to on a daily basis by the WiFi and wireless devices we have around us (not to mention “dirty electricity” from the power lines within our homes), are causing a tremendous amount of harm.

The bottom line is this: There’s a HUGE gap between what the science actually says about EMFs and what the safety standards are… so you should be incredibly skeptical at the VERY LEAST.

Your cell phones, your laptop, your Wifi routers, your smart home devices (thermostat, speakers, etc.), and even the baby monitors in your kid’s rooms may all be, according to the latest studies, major threats to your health. They are so harmful that some doctors – including Dr. Joseph Mercola – believe that being exposed to these devices is WORSE than chain smoking!


What are this damaging forces, and how can we protect ourselves from them? They’re called electromagnetic fields (EMFs), and according to Nicolas Pineault (author of the best-selling book “The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs: How to Fix Our Stupid Use of Technology) there are four main types: Radio Frequency (RF), Magnetic Fields (MF), Electric Fields (EF), and Dirty Electricity (DE).


Rather than diving into each of these in detail, we highly recommend you pick up a copy of Nicolas’ book and read up about everything there. Let’s focus on the damage that these EMFs cause and what you can do about it.


What Kind of Damage Are We Talking About Here?


So what in the world do these EMF’s actually DO to us? Are they “cooking” our cells like the viral video where cell phones supposedly “fry” an egg? No, that’s an urban legend… but EMFs are incredibly harmful.


Dr. Joseph Mercola has a fantastic and comprehensive explanation of these dangers, but I’ll try to break it down a bit here:

Many scientific studies have shown that when we’re exposed to these frequencies, the calcium levels INSIDE our cells increase. Essentially, the EMFs activate something called “voltage-gated calcium channels” which allow for significant amounts of calcium to enter the cell. This leads to a chain reaction of events that results in the formation of highly toxic and reactive free radicals – including peroxynitrites and the dreaded hydroxyl radicals.


What are the possible effects of this buildup of free radicals? The most common consequences are: anxiety, depression, autism, Alzheimer’s, cardiac arrhythmias, atrial fibrilation, decreased fertility, and even cancer.


So What The Heck Can We Do (Aside From Running For The Hills)?


Quite a bit, actually.


Nicolas’ Pineault’s book lays it out absolutely perfectly (It’s an absolute MUST read) but some of the easiest things you can do are:


  • Get yourself a EMF-shielding cell phone case
  • Put your phone on airplane mode whenever possible
  • Turn off your WiFi at night, or better yet, use wired ethernet whenever possible
  • Use as many wired devices rather than wireless devices as possible


As far as nutrition and supplementation is concerned, there are 2 powerful things you can do as well:


First and foremost is taking Molecular Hydrogen daily. Molecular hydrogen is the most powerful and effective antioxidant on the planet, especially when it comes to combating the free radicals generated by EMFs.


In fact, Nicolas has said: 

“Molecular hydrogen has been shown to selectively reduce the most dangerous oxidants triggered by exposure to ‘Electrosmog’ — such as peroxynitrite and hydroxyl radicals. And as if that wasn’t enough, it also raises the body’s innate antioxidant defense, significantly raising glutathione and superoxide dismutase (SOD) production, by stimulating the NRF2 pathway. In other words… consumption of hydrogen-rich water might just be the #1 best supplement you can ever take to stay healthy in our EMF-polluted world.”


On top of that, Dr. Mercola has said: 

“I’ve taken molecular hydrogen tablets on my last few flights, and felt much better than I normally do when flying. There are a number of different ways to get it, but the most practical way is to take molecular hydrogen tablets.”


“Molecular hydrogen is probably the best antioxidant known to man”


Another thing you can do is take magnesium, which will lower your sensitivity to EMFs. So an absolutely perfect solution would be to take trusii H2Now – especially when exposed to a lot of EMFs – because you’re getting a high dose of H2 AND highly bioavailable magnesium at the same time! Kill two birds with one stone. In fact, you’re not only getting an extra high dose of H2 – and getting the maximum amount of H2 possible is critical – with trusii H2Now, you’re actually getting the highest-concentration molecular hydrogen supplement EVER created.


Most people are simply not aware of this issue… but it’s a MASSIVE problem. Take action now – and get yourself some trusii H2 –  to protect yourself and you’ll be incredibly thankful that you did!



  1. DANG, this is TERRIFYING stuff… always knew all this wireless stuff would be damaging. Gonna go pick up my trusii H2 immediately!

  2. This hit the nail right on the head. EMF damage disprupts voltage gated calcium channel (VGCC) activation and signaling pathways. And calcium is what is necessary for nervous system function. Neurotransmitter release, neuro-endocrine signals all depend on this appropriate calcium signaling.
    It’s no wonder why when this system is disrupted, we suffer severe neuro-psychiatric side effects like insomnia, depression, fatigue, headache, dizziness, memory changes, difficulty concentrating and even tingling around our body. Because the fine balance of the calcium signaling has been disturbed by EMF.
    The question has always been how do we regulate and maintain the function of VGCC when the problem is in a delicate, difficult to reach location; the neurons themselves.
    Like this article says, recent studies show that modulating free radical and antioxidant balances have been found to restore VGCC activation, protecting from and reducing EMF damage.
    The best part about H2, it is the smallest and safest antioxidant for doing so. It is so safe, that it might just be the keys to unlocking the gate to relief for this world-wide problem.
    Thanks for the great article.


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