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Welcome to iivolve!

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Picture this in your mind…

Today is May 30, 2017. You are now the fittest, most successful, and happiest you’ve ever been. Every single one of your dreams and goals from five years ago has been accomplished, and you’ve moved on to goals you never even thought possible in the past. On top of it all, you’ve inspired your family, your friends, and your community to take charge of their lives, transform their destinies, and break free from every self-imposed shackle that had held them back in the past.

“How did you accomplish all this?” people will ask. “By what stroke of luck did you come into so much success?” You’ll tell them that, of course, it wasn’t luck at all.

It was daily actions, step by step… a ritual of doing something new or improving on something every morning when you woke up.

It was realizing that if you simply focused on your passion and put in the effort on the small things on a consistent basis, big things will happen.

It was releasing the pain and insecurity of the past and realizing that you had the ability to accomplish anything.

It was practicing gratitude for every morning you woke up and bouncing out of bed energized with vibrant energy.

It was filling your body with living, nutrient-dense foods and avoiding the lifeless, disease-causing and addictive food-like substances on many grocery store shelves.

It was regularly finding a place of peace and enjoyment in a physical practice…a place to recharge your mind while you move your body.

It was learning how to focus and find a state of “flow” in anything you did, regardless of any obstacles that were in your way.

It was leveraging the power of other inspiring people in your life and in the world to continue to motivate you and drive your daily actions.

It was focusing on “how can I give?” rather than “what’s in it for me?”

It was realizing that success is not only determined by the amount you have in your bank account, but by the mark that you’re leaving on others.

We want to be part of making that vision of the future a reality for you. Welcome to iivolve, a daily source of knowledge, inspiration, action, and support. We aren’t your ordinary health and wellness site. This will not be a one-way relationship – it will be interactive, inspiring, challenging, and collaborative.

Why are we launching this movement?

We’re going to provide you with so much life-saving information, inspiration, and motivation that visiting iivolve will become part of your daily routine.

We’re going to serve as a place of awakening…a place where people can feel free to think differently, to overcome obstacles in their way by leveraging the power of this community, and to create a ripple effect in their social circles, their community, and the world at large.

We’re going to empower you to pay it forward and share the information with others by making it fun and rewarding!

We are honored to have you as part of our family. We hope you’re as excited about inspiring and impacting others as much as we are about serving you, and we look forward to this amazing connection that we will share as we venture on this journey.

We look forward to looking back in a years’ time on this article and reflecting on all that we’ve accomplished together!


  1. Lee Capobianco

    What a remarkable way to share with those we love the message of healthy living and the ability to show them how they can change their lives. EXCITING

    June 1, 2016
  2. Marta Alvarez

    There are truly no words to describe the possibilities of how we really have the power, perseverance and courage to make healthy transitions to improve and empower our lives….mentally, physically and emotionally…..It starts with one decision, one leap that will truly help you iivolve….

    June 3, 2016

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