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Many self-improvement and motivational books and personalities will tell you to go out and chase your dreams… to pursue your passions. But BEFORE you quit your day job to reinvent yourself, there’s one thing you absolutely NEED to do that you may be missing: SELF-AWARENESS. Think you’re self aware? You’re probably not. In fact, through a series of extensive surveys, psychologist Tasha Eurich found that while 95% believe they are self-aware, ONLY 15% of people actually are.

So what can you do to cultivate better self awareness? Here are 5 ways to do it, according to the Harvard Business Review:

Write Down Your Key Plans and Priorities
Take a Personality Test (We Suggest Meyers-Briggs or HEXACO)
Ask Trusted Friends and Family What They Think Your Strengths and Weaknesses Are
Get Regular (Formal) Feedback at Work

Doing just a few of these consistently can provide you with some very enlightening results. Give it a try… you might just surprise yourself!