DRINK MORE WATER! Drinking pure, filtered water everyday is critical, if not the most important component of maintaining optimal health. Whether you’re aiming to shed some extra pounds for that wedding around the corner or want younger looking skin…significantly increasing your water consumption has been shown to have tremendous health benefits and will have you feeling incredible from the inside out! It may be challenging to replace caffeinated, sugary, and alcoholic beverages with water…but once you recognize its health benefits, you won’t have any trouble saying no and will even have some extra cash to pamper yourself with at the end of the month!


By keeping yourself hydrated, your body is able to flush out the toxins (which naturally arise from the environment and what we consume) that build up in the body. This can also reduce the likelihood of breakouts and acne from occurring. Our skin is made up of approximately 20% water and when we are dehyrdated, wrinkles and fine lines will appear earlier and the dryness will make them more noticeable. So if you want to keep glowing, make it a daily habit to reach for that cup of water instead of coffee or soda!


Water is probably the most important catalyst in helping you lose and keep off the weight! By working as an appetite suppressant, you will begin to observe a noticeable decrease in your appetite. Research shows that water helps the body metabolize stored fat and boosts your overall metabolism – giving you that extra edge in helping you shed the weight. When you start feeling hungry, drink a glass of water…often times people mistake thirst with mild hunger. Try drinking a glass of water 15 minutes before each meal and notice the natural shift in your calorie consumption.


Often times depriving yourself of adequate amounts of water will lead you to feel tired and weak. Sure, reaching for that soda or coffee will give you an immediate pick-me-up, but the short boost will ultimately cause you to crash and leave you feeling even more fatigued than before. Dehydration significantly reduces your overall energy levels and may even lead to more serious symptoms like dry mouth, dizziness, vomiting, muscle weakness, etc. So next time you feel tired, hydrate yourself with a large glass of water!


Drinking more water will help keep your colon healthy and even lower your risk of colon cancer. Water adds fluid to the colon, giving it proper moisture to keep things flowing smoothly, enabling your body to function optimally. Studies have shown that women who drink more than 5 glasses of water daily lower their risk of developing colon cancer by approximately 45%! Water has also been shown to lower the risk of bladder cancer by 50% and even some cases of breast cancer!


Proper hydration has been shown to increase athletic performance! Made up of 75% water, our muscles require proper hydration to function properly! All of the sweat lost during and after working out makes it imperative to replenish our muscles with plenty of water, otherwise they will fatigue more quickly, reducing the amount of time you can push yourself! So for that heightened push of energy at the end of your set of squats, make sure you are drinking plenty of water before, during, and after your workouts!


Drinking more water has also been shown to enhance cognitive alertness, focus, and concentration. This makes sense since approximately 73% of our brains are comprised of water. Water has also been shown to improve overall mood and reduce irritability…by having a happier outlook, you will have more mental power and energy directed at your work and the task at hand! Keeping a large glass of water or water bottle within arms reach will help you stay on track without the distraction of getting up and going to a water station.


  1. Drink half your body weight in ounces of water, and if you are active make sure you drink even more (i.e. if you weigh 160 lbs, drink 80 ounces of water daily).
  2. Always have a water canister or reusable bottle with you at all times to remind you to drink water throughout the day.
  3. Eat LOTS of raw fruits and veggies, as they are dense in water weight (enabling you to get hydrated through your food in addition to drinking water).
  4. For those who want a little extra flavor, add some fresh lemon or diffuse your water overnight with whatever fruits or veggies (i.e. strawberries, cucumbers, oranges, etc.) you love!




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