How many times have you told someone, “I’m doing my best,” or “I tried my hardest!” when someone criticizes your efforts, whatever it may be? Maybe it was a report at work, maybe it was a route you ran in practice, maybe it was a meal you cooked for your family, or maybe it was a failed sale… it doesn’t matter!

Not only is this defensive response counterproductive, it’s actually NEGATIVELY IMPACTING your development as a human being. But there’s one simple mindset shift that, if implemented, can dramatically boost your results in anything you do, and over time transform your life. So what is this mental state?

It’s an “I can do better” attitude.

Apply this to EVERYTHING that you do…

How can you be a better parent? How can you be a better spouse? How can you be a better friend? How can you be a better employee? How can you be a better leader? How can you be a better person?

The most important key here is not to get caught up in an overly-critical or negative mindset.

Don’t focus on your past shortcomings, simply focus on HOW and WHAT you can improve, and then take ACTION on it! In a sense, it’s a permanently POSITIVE mindset, because it’s the perfect mindset for growth and development. You’ll always be searching for a way to get better, to progress, and to “level up” in any activity you’re engaging in. And guess what? There’s ALWAYS a way to get better.

If you’re constantly focusing on getting better at everything in your life, you’re going to end up finding a life of more achievement, deeper relationships, more meaning, and ultimately more happiness.

In the beginning, this mindset shift may need to be forced. But like anything else, if you are consistent with this practice, it will eventually become second-nature. So as you’re getting started, find ways to remind yourself. Maybe it’s a special bracelet on your wrist. Maybe it’s a note in a convenient spot in your house. Maybe it’s even a daily reminder on your phone. Whatever it is, start making this shift, and in a matter of days, you’ll start to notice some tremendous changes in your life!


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  1. I like the idea of using ancient wisdom and modern science to provide a better sense of well-being, more energy and less aging- slowing the aging process is a fantastic accomplishment and it looks like H2 is part of that lifestyle.


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