To what extent does fear play a role in your life? For many people, fear is always present in some form or another, holding them back from accomplishing certain things or appreciating what they currently have. In fact, it would be fair to say that along with limiting beliefs, fear is the MOST dominant force preventing most people from getting what they want in life. No soothing comments or wishing it away will work, fear is certainly real and certainly powerful. But there IS a cure to completely banish fear, and by the end of this article, you’ll know how to implement it.

Think about something you’ve been putting off or failing to accomplish in your life because you’re afraid of something about it. Maybe you’re afraid of failing or not being good enough, afraid of what other people will think, or afraid of putting in the work necessary to accomplish your goal. So what do you do? Put it off, procrastinate, and distract yourself with something else, which only makes the fear more powerful and consuming.

In “The Magic of Thinking Big,” David J. Schwartz writes about how fear materializes in many different ways:

  • embarrassment due to your perceived personal appearance
  • fear of losing a customer
  • fear of failing
  • fear of things outside your control
  • fear of being physically hurt by something you can’t control, like an accident or natural disaster
  • fear of what others may think or say
  • fear of making an investment or purchasing a home
  • fear of people

So what is the cure for fear? It’s not hope. It’s not positive thinking, meditation, or affirmations either. Just as procrastination and indecision will allow fear to grow and metastasize, the way to eliminate fear is through ACTION. Schwartz lays out a simple two-step process to cure your fear and grow your confidence in any aspect of your life:

  1. Figure out exactly what you’re afraid of… cultivate awareness
  2. Then take massive ACTION to counteract and overcome the fear!

Afraid of starting that new business you’ve been dreaming of? Convert the time you spend worrying about it to time you spend working on it! Buckle down, think creatively, and give it a shot! Afraid of things outside your control? Direct your attention to the service of others. Embarrassed about your physical appearance? Take ACTION by eating nutrient-dense foods, working out, and practicing self-care.

The more and more you decide to take action, the more your fears will shrink, and soon they will be conquered once and for all! “”


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