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If you have never heard of hydrogen water, or H2 water, there’s no need to hang your head low in shame and embarrassment. Although it has been studied years prior, hydrogen water is still a burgeoning trend, with research still ongoing to study its effects on the body. But people are already touting the many benefits of hydrogen water, and it’s not surprising why. It has shown to prevent diseases and improve cognitive performance and physical performance.

How could such abundant resources, hydrogen and water, create such near miraculous benefits?

Hydrogen water contains hydrogen molecules, which act as antioxidants. When ingested, the molecules are believed to neutralize oxygen free radicals that contribute to the development of disease, inflammation, and aging. Because hydrogen is the smallest molecule on earth, it can penetrate through organs and cells, where it revitalizes and heals. Let’s explore the specific benefits of hydrogen water to the body.

Hydrogen Water and Its Effects on the Brain

Studies show that hydrogen water could combat Parkinson’s disease, strokes, and stress-induced cognitive, learning, and memory problems. In one particular study, researchers observed 17 subjects with Parkinson’s disease. During the study, the patients regularly drank hydrogen water with their regular medication. By the end of the study, the patients’ symptoms improved.

In another study, this one with rats, researchers found that hydrogen water improved memory even under stress. According to the study, the benefits occur because the antioxidant in hydrogen water protects the hippocampus, the part of the brain responsible for long-term memory.

Hydrogen Water and Its Effects on the Body

In both animal and human tests, hydrogen water proved to prevent inflammation. One study observed 20 patients suffering from arthritis. After drinking hydrogen water for four weeks, the patients achieved temporary recovery while also becoming 20 percent symptom free.

But hydrogen water doesn’t only prevent diseases and disorders. It also improves performance.

In a study involving 10 athletes, researchers found that during intense exercise, drinking hydrogen water reduced lactic acid build up, a process in which the body replaces oxygen with lactate when there isn’t enough oxygen in the body. As the lactate builds up in the bloodstream, cramps, nausea, weakness and exhaustion may occur. However, hydrogen water prevents such symptoms and decreases muscle fatigue. Another study with 8 cyclists showed the same results. After drinking hydrogen water daily, these cyclists were able to perform more while remaining energized.

How to Get a Daily Does of Hydrogen

There are multiple ways to absorb hydrogen into your body. You can, for example, inhale it or inject it into your body. Those two methods, however, are not user-friendly and DIY friendly. Those methods, furthermore, are more inconvenient and more intrusive. A less intrusive method is a bath. A Japanese company created hydrogen gas bath kits, which you can easily use at your own home. The kit comes in a small packet that, when placed in water, will emit 16 liters of hydrogen gas over a span of five hours. And yet, there are better methods.

The easiest and most practical way to get your daily dose of hydrogen is by drinking hydrogen water. You can purchase an H2 system, a water-dispenser type of device that creates hydrogen water for you or purchase H2 Tablets, which you dissolve in your water.

Hydrogen water is a burgeoning trend that has proven its worth. What are you waiting for?



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