Health care ought to be cheap and every person should have easy access to maintaining their health, right?  But that’s clearly not the case – the expensive medication that doesn’t really work, expensive procedures… it feels like one big scheme to keep us sick and draining our pockets. 

And so for many years we have been searching.  In search for the ‘keys’ to real, lasting pain relief. We have flipped through the pages of countless health articles; far and wide.  We have consulted with the opinions of the top doctors and top scientists all around the world.

And finally, here at trusii, we’ve found it – the key to real lasting pain relief…  it’s a little something called molecular hydrogen.

To get a feel for what molecular hydrogen is, picture this:

Imagine you created a device that would automatically clean your house.  It is small, sleek and can clean in the tiniest of places. It is very safe, and sophisticated. It only gets rid of trash, but not the good stuff.  It even cleans the air! How amazing would that be! Hydrogen works in EXACTLY that way… but in your body; and the only trace it leaves behind is pure water.

Our bodies are too tired and burdened with the job of fighting off toxins and harmful free radicals, without a single day off.  Our body is just trying to survive. But this leaves us with a lot of problems. Think about it – why are our bodies inflamed and out of control?  Why do they mistake the good for the bad and end up attacking our own cells, leaving us with a variety of illnesses and diseases: inflammation, chronic pain and more?  

It’s essentially due to the fact that our bodies are overburdened.  And we don’t have a drainage system to reroute the destructive ‘free radicals’ away from our bodies.  To live we need to breathe, eat and move. With every passing second, our cells are being attacked by more and more free radicals, creating a vicious cycle that creates leaves us with more pain and swelling.

So how do we find relief from this constant attack by free radicals?  How do we end this vicious cycle that causes so much disease? And causes us to age?

The latest science is clearly showing us the answer:  flood your body with Molecular Hydrogen.

It is like a sponge to absorb the worst of all the free radicals – hydroxyl radicals, (OH-) to turn them into safe water, the bad and the good.

H2 stops the poisonous build-up in our bodies with an awesome anti-pain, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant power.  

In fact, scientists have uncovered the 3 dirty little secrets to how H2 can help you get rid of chronic pain.


Dirty Little Secret #1: H2 turns down the sinister MMP-3

One of the most dangerous inflammatory molecules for back pain; MMP-3 eats at the proteins and cells that support your back.  Studies show these little molecules feast on your discs like its a top sirloin; resulting in herniated and degenerated discs.

And even worse, high MMP-3s correlate with longer bouts of pain episodes.

The good news is that H2 has been shown to drop MMP-3 by turning off its main trigger: reactive oxygen species.  It’s a molecule that few treatments can shut off. But if more people had H2, they could relieve their pain and protect their backs!

trusii H2 Pain Relief 1

Dirty Little Secret #2: H2 stops the onslaught of APK-1

A plethora of studies show this molecule’s role in pain and inflammation.  

For example, one study found that high levels of APK-1 turn on auto-immunity.  They cause your cells to kill themselves! This can aggravate most inflammatory disorders.  

Other studies have even found that stopping APK-1 protects patients from chronic pain disease progression.  The best part is H2 turns off APK-1; for the treatment of chronic pain!

Dirty Little Secret #3: H2 heals you with glutathione

Studied for over decades, glutathione has been shown to fight inflammation and chronic fatigue including anxiety, stress cognitive dysfunction and depression which affect 45% of chronic pain sufferers.  Scientists found lower levels of glutathione are what affect chronic pain sufferers.

H2 causes your levels of glutathione to skyrocket.  In other words, it does what other antioxidants are suppose to do, but without the painful or toxic side effects and risks of overdose.

Each of these pathways alone has been proven by hundreds if not thousands of research studies to relieve pain and inflammation.  

Together, they work to pack H2 with one powerful punch.  And do some real healing that it is breath-taking. And with ZERO side effects!

So where can you get your hands on molecular hydrogen? There are many ways to use hydrogen gas, but the easiest for most people is to drink hydrogen rich water – in other words, water with hydrogen gas diffused into it. But how do you what to look for, and how do you know which products work?

So go ahead and drink up to real lasting pain relief.  Drink up to real health.

trusii H2 cells hydrogen water molecules

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  1. Wow I found this article very helpful. I even found another that shows H2 helps regulates over 12 pathways that fight pain and inflammation.


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