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Depression: The Invisible Epidemic

Posted in mindset

Depression can can come from the most unexpected places. Take Eva. She was a young, healthy, highly intelligent woman at the outset of her career after years of schooling. Her positive energy and vibrant smile always lit up the room and brought lightness to all that she came across. 

She had a genuine authenticity about her – passionate about all that she pursued and it was apparent in her actions. She exuded a confidence and certainty about herself that inspired others to pursue their dreams. She worked hard and never let mistakes stand in the way of her future goals, taking each one and using it as a lesson to grow. In her eyes, failure was part of the equation to success. Yes, Eva seemed to have it all, the work ethic and determination to succeed in a male-dominated business world and the love and compassion that would undoubtedly make her an incredible mother one day.

Despite all of this, underneath it all, Eva struggled with some dark rooted feelings of sadness.

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Understanding Free Radicals and Antioxidants… the Key to Longevity and Vibrant Health

Posted in misc, nourishment, and rejuvenation

How do we escape premature aging, mental decline, and/or a life of chronic illness? And more importantly, how can we help our friends and loved…

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