Feeling stressed or unhappy? Tired and unfocused? Trying to lose weight? Skin and hair needing a boost? Want to enhance your immunity? There is something you have already in your bathroom that can help you with all of these things. You use it on a regular basis (hopefully), and it costs next-to-nothing to use! What is it? Your shower.

When you take a shower, you probably take a nice, relaxing warm shower, right? It turns out that switching the temperature from WARM to COLD can make a major difference for your health. Taking a cold shower may sound daunting, and it definitely requires getting used to, but it could be a major x-factor for your health and longevity. Here are the science-backed reasons why you should start taking cold showers immediately:

  1. Combat depression

A study found that cold showers can trigger mood-boosting endorphins, excellent for boosting your mood.

  1. Reduce Stress

Research suggests that cold showers create a small amount of oxidative stress to your nervous system, but not too much. Over time, your body adapts and improves it’s response to daily stress. Cold showers also help to lower your uric acid levels and boosts glutathione in your blood, which both can contribute to lower stress levels.

  1. Boost Energy

When you subject yourself to cold water, you will involuntarily start to take deep breaths and increase your heart rate for a short time, which provides you with a boost of energy if you’re feeling lethargic.

  1. Improve Immunity

In order to maintain homeostasis, your body will try to warm itself during and after your cold shower, speeding up your metabolic rate and activating your immune system. Over time, this leads to the release of more white blood cells, which boosts your immune response to everything from the common cold to cancer.

  1. Lose Weight

In addition to boosting your metabolic rate as discussed above, cold water has been shown to activate your brown fat cells, which actually burn excess calories. and produce heat. Repeated exposure to cold water over time can actually help you to convert your white fat (the stuff you want to lose) to more brown fat.

  1. Beautify Skin and Hair

Exposing yourself to cold water sends a rush of blood through the body, improving circulation in your skin. Cold water also helps close up pores and cuticles, resulting in smoother skin and shinier hair. Even though it feels nice, hot showers will actually dry out your skin and hair and potentially make you more susceptible to clogged pores.

So by now there’s no doubt that cold showers are incredibly beneficial, but how do you start? It it seems daunting to brave a chilly shower right off the bat, start off with contrast showers. During your normal warm shower, turn the knob to as cold as you can stand for 5-10 seconds, then back to warm. Attempt this 3-5 times every time you take a shower, eventually extending your time under the cold water to 30 second intervals. And ALWAYS finish with cold water! So next time you need to get clean or feel like a boost of energy, try this powerful method for improving your health! “”



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