We’ve all seen that person at the gym who seemingly goes every day and spends over an hour working out… but over time, their bodies don’t seem to change at all. Can you picture that person at the gym? Or just maybe… is that person YOU?

If you’re not seeing the results and improvements that you want, here’s one simple yet incredibly important thing you may not be doing.


When it comes to altering your body composition, we know nutrition plays a critical role – most day that nutrition accounts for over 80% of fat loss (or weight loss in general). But what about your overall fitness and strength?


Here’s the key: If you’re not using your MIND to intensely focus on your workout at all times, you’re likely wasting most of your time in the gym.


So what does that mean? Bodybuilders often refer to the mind-muscle connection, and quite literally, the signal to contract a certain muscle or move a certain body part originates in your brain. But upping the intensity of the focus on each muscle you’re moving and contracting at all times can make all the difference in a workout.


Let’s do a simple exercise. Stand up and do a squat, but without really thinking about it. Done? Ok. NOW let’s do another squat, but this time intensely focus on everything you’re about to do, from your form to every muscle you need to contract – weight in your heels, core braced and engaged, glutes, hamstrings, and quads engaged and firing…


Did you notice that difference? It’s incredible how intense focus can transform just one repetition of a simple move, isn’t it? Now apply that level of focus to EVERY SINGLE REPETITION in all aspects of your workouts. Doing a shoulder press? Focus on every muscle in your shoulder contracting, with your core and glutes engaged to support the rest of your body, and really focus in on every inch of movement. Going out for a run? Focus on your form, your breathing, engaging your core, and every foot-strike landing exactly where it needs to be.


This concept may sound simple and theory, but we assure you, it’s easier said than done. So take it one exercise at a time, and tackle your workouts every day with burning intensity!!! Even if you don’t change anything else, you’re guaranteed to notice a major difference in your results.


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