Lamar has advanced osteoporosis. She hadn’t left her house – let alone her room – for over 2 years.


The pain throughout her body was just too great to bear. If she did get out of her room, she was hunched over her walker so dramatically that she was constantly looking straight down.


And the pain was even worse at night, down both sides of her body, that she barely got in any sleep.


But within a matter of days of drinking a certain elixir, the pain had subsided dramatically. And within a month, the pain was completely GONE.

Lamar is now regularly going outside, playing around and joking with the grandkids, and enjoying life in ways she never thought possible. In fact, she remarked, “I had forgotten what the outdoors looked like!”


Raymond has had fibromyalgia for about 15 years. He’s dealt with constant pain, chronic fatigue, and brain fog… not to mention the side-effects of the medication the doctors put him on. Sleep aids would make him so groggy that he began to rely heavily on energy drinks just to stay awake during the day… and the pain was getting WORSE day by day.


After 15 years, he was convinced he’d feel like that forever… until he tried the same magical drink that Lamar did. He felt the effects the very first time he drank it. It’s given him an incredible amount of energy, mental clarity, and exuberance for life… He even unretired and went back to work!


And they are simply two of the many who have been ridding themselves of chronic pain by consuming a product that is changing the lives of thousands around the world. What is this powerful drink?

Simply water… infused with high amounts of Molecular Hydrogen (H2) bubbles.


What is H2, and how is it working to relieve chronic pain once and for all? Before we dive into the details of H2, let’s look at some alarming information about chronic pain:


An Epidemic


Over 50 MILLION Americans suffer from chronic pain on a daily basis. For some, the pains come and go, and for others they are constant – but for everyone suffering from chronic pain, they have the potential to dramatically affect – and even take over – their lives.


Anyone suffering from chronic pain is likely dealing with issues such as these: lost sleep, lost productivity and hours at work, missed activities and pleasures, weight gain due to immobility, feelings of anger or frustration – not to mention the harsh medication and risky surgeries –


While chronic pain isn’t one of the leading causes of death itself, the dependency on opioids – aka painkillers – to help manage pain has become a problem of epidemic proportions. In fact, President Trump recently declared that opioid addiction is a national emergency!


But what if there were a method to powerfully relieve pain without the need for harsh painkillers – something that would ENERGIZE and enhance your life, without any negative side effects. There is. Harnessing the power of molecular hydrogen is quite possibly the ANSWER to ridding yourself of chronic pain, completely and naturally.


What is H2?


While hydrogen, #1 on the periodic table, is one of the most abundant molecules in the universe, it rarely exists in molecular form (H2, i.e. two hydrogen molecules bonded together) on earth. That’s because it’s so incredibly light and small that it escapes earth’s gravitational pull and can diffuse through nearly any barrier. However, in recent years, scientists have discovered a way to generate H2 on-demand and use it therapeutically for a wide variety of health conditions.


In fact, over 850 studies (including 100 clinical studies) on over 170 health and disease models confirms H2’s powerful and unique therapeutic properties. In particular, molecular hydrogen’s effect on inflammation is incredibly powerful.


H2 has a wide range of properties and effects within the body, including the fact that it acts as a “selective” antioxidant, targeting and neutralizing a very specific free radical called the “hydroxyl radical.” This particular free radical is known to be the most volatile and reactive free radical, and is closely linked to the inflammation of tissues. Most other antioxidants can’t neutralize these hydroxyl radicals, nor can they access the areas where the radicals are produced (the mitochondria and the nucleus).


But molecular hydrogen, with its incredibly small size (the smallest molecule in the universe!) can easily access any part of your cells to target and neutralize the hydroxyl radicals, which has a DRAMATIC effect on inflammation. And one of the truly amazing aspects of H2 is that the reaction between H2 and the hydroxyl radical leaves behind only PURE WATER!


In addition to its antioxidant abilities, H2 also acts as a powerful cell signaling molecule, activating our own body’s antioxidant defense system and even downregulating certain proteins called “proinflammatory cytokines” (you can correctly assume by the name that they are involved with promoting inflammation). It’s safe to say that H2’s abilities to calm inflammation are not only powerful, but unique.


With molecular hydrogen, there is finally hope for the millions of people around the world suffering from chronic pain – including rheumatoid arthritis, nerve pain, low back pain, and more. Hydrogen is completely natural, produces no negative side effects, and is incredibly easy to use.


Take a look at what some of our clients have to say:



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  1. What a great article for people dealing with chronic pain and fatigue. I just found additional research last night that H2 raises levels of bFGF and that the effects of this is Key to repairing your body, this molecule gives pain relief due to it ability to repair cartilage. Repairing the cushion between your bones leads to pain relief throughout your entire body. Relief like less pain in your back, joints and many, many other parts of your body.


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