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We all know that H2O stands for the molecular makeup of plain water, but what exactly is “Hydrogen Water” or H2 water, and why did we create the trusii hydrogen water generators? At trusii, we got so excited about this concept that we shifted our whole business to focus on this technology.

But while there is a growing health trend surrounding H2 water, does it have any real scientific backing, or is it just a fad? The truth is, there is a tremendous amount of information and compelling studies behind this new trend. Athletes drink it to improve their performance, but H2 water doesn’t just keep you hydrated and energized while playing sports. Anyone can drink it, as it offers a wide range of health benefits. It even has been found to help prevent certain diseases. 

Just as with any health trend, you should study up on hydrogen water before deciding to give it a try. This article tells you everything you need to know about H2 water, so read on!

What Is H2 Water?

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Hydrogen or H2 water is water that has been infused with hydrogen gas molecules that benefit the body, acting similar to powerful antioxidants. These free hydrogen molecules – in other words, not bound to other molecules like oxygen, neutralize harmful oxygen free radicals when they enter the body. Free radicals, according to Dr. Jill Carnahan, are uncharged or unstable molecules that target other molecules in search of stability. By ripping apart other molecules, free radicals can cause bodily harm in various ways, such as in the form of disease. 

The neutralization of free radicals caused by hydrogen water helps diminish the development of aging, inflammation, and even disease. H2 water distributes hydrogen to the body’s organs and cells, which it penetrates, causing healing and revitalizing effects.

There are a number of different ways to get your daily dose of hydrogen. You can ingest it through a molecular hydrogen inhaler as a gas, soak in it as a bath, take it as an injection, apply it as a topical cream or serum, or administer it as eye drops. But the most common and preferred way is to drink it as water. You can either get an H2 system – like our systems at trusii – that dispenses hydrogen water or dissolve H2 tablets in regular water.

What Is the Difference Between H2 Water and Alkaline Water?

Sometimes H2 water is confused with alkaline water. Alkaline water is water that has gone through electrolysis, which divides it into two fractions: alkaline and acid. In theory, alkaline water decreases acidity in the bloodstream, which is a good thing for the body. While some believe it works as an antioxidant with many health benefits because it has extra electrons, there are very few reliable studies proving alkaline water has any positive effects on health. In fact, studies have suggested that alkaline water can cause stunted growth or damage myocardial tissue. Ironically, you’re now seeing that many alkaline water companies are shifting their marketing to attempt to focus on hydrogen gas, rather than on the pH of the water they are producing.

H2 water is different from alkaline water because it targets oxidation stress and inflammation, whereas alkaline water supposedly uses higher pH to heal bodily issues. In other words, H2 water helps prevent the bodily issues before they happen. Additionally, many reliable studies have proven the health benefits of H2 water.

What Have The Studies on Hydrogen Water Shown?

A number of studies have discovered a variety of health benefits H2 water has. These studies explored the effects it has on your brain and body, revealing its capability to prevent certain diseases, provide energy and improve cognitive abilities. 

For example, one study, after observing 17 participants who had Parkinson’s disease, found that the subjects’ symptoms improved after drinking hydrogen water with their regular medication for the duration of the study. Another study gave hydrogen water to rats, finding that it had positive effects on memory even under stress. 

In a study observing 20 patients with arthritis, after four weeks of drinking H2 water, the subjects not only achieved temporary recovery, but also became 20 percent symptom free. 

What Are the Possible Benefits of H2 Water?

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We all know how good regular water is for our bodies, so just imagine what H2 water can do for you. H2 water offers a long list of potential health benefits, including:

And of course, just as with regular water, H2 water keeps you hydrated, which is overall beneficial for the health of your whole body. 

If You’re Still Unsure…

It’s understandable that you’re still hesitant to hop aboard the growing health trend of H2 water. Is it just a fad? Could it possibly have any negative effects? Is it worth the cost? Before ingesting or paying for anything you’re unsure of, you should always consult a medical professional. Bring any questions you have about H2 water to your doctor before making changes to your health routine or investing in an H2 system.

A great thing about H2 water is that reliable studies have shown its numerous health benefits, in addition to making you feel great. It’s certainly worth giving a try to see if it helps you achieve your health goals. So what are you waiting for?


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