If you walk into a health food store these days (and even many “regular” grocery stores), you’ll see shelves lined with so-called “Superfoods,” various exotic fruits, nuts, roots, and leafy vegetables that supposedly give you incredibly powerful nutritional benefits… but they tend to cost a pretty penny.

If you’ve seen these various products and wondered to yourself, “do I really need this stuff? Or can I just eat super clean and get the same benefits?”… you’re not alone. So what’s the answer? Should we all be consuming Superfoods? Or can we just eat a bunch of kale and be just fine and dandy?

At trusii, we strongly believe that you DO need to incorporate superfoods… but ONLY as part of an overall balanced and healthy lifestyle. No one food is going to be the magic cure-all that will ensure you of good health, but including the right kind of properly-sourced and high-quality superfoods into your lifestyle will pack a powerful punch that can put you over the top when it comes to optimal living.

Here are 3 reasons why you absolutely NEED to incorporate superfoods into your healthy lifestyle:

Our soil is depleted, which affects the nutritional value of the food we grow.

Vegetables… they ain’t what they used to be. And that’s because the soil quality, particularly in the United States, just isn’t as nutrient-rich as it was when our great-grandparents were around. In fact, the 1992 Earth Summit Report showed that North America’s soil mineral content has depleted by a whopping 85% in the past hundred years! And it’s only getting worse.

So what does this mean? Unfortunately, the nutrition content of our fruits, veggies, and other produce has been dramatically reduced, which is resulting in major nutritional deficiencies in our population (in addition to the fact that most people simply don’t eat anywhere close to as many vegetables as they should be eating).

In particular, studies have shown that the common pesticide Roundup (which contains the chemical glyphosate) blocks something called the Shikimate pathway in plants, which is necessary for the proper creation of essential amino acids. In other words, pesticides are directly degrading the nutritional value of our plants.

We Are Primal Beings Living in a Modern World.

The modern world is out to get us…in a BIG WAY. Toxins, chemicals, pollutants, cell phone radiation, unnatural light, preservatives, pesticides… you name it. Each of these is so damaging it deserves its own article!

No matter how healthfully we try to live, our bodies are constantly under assault. And we simply weren’t made to withstand these kinds of attacks over the long haul. The nutrients we DO have in our system are being used up at a more rapid pace to fight off the dangers of the modern world, which means we need powerful nutrient-dense allies to add to our diets to help us stay healthy.

The Stress is Getting To Us…

Another major factor of our modern world, in addition to all of the assailants mentioned above, is that our fast-paced lifestyles are raising our levels of stress to unprecedented levels. There’s no wonder that meditation is fast-becoming a major trend… we simply aren’t equipped to deal with the multi-tasking and extremely demanding aspects of our modern society! And higher levels of stress hormones mean higher levels of inflammation, with which superfoods can dramatically help by providing a powerful nutritional punch.

These are 3 of the many reasons why superfoods should be an essential component of our healthy lifestyles. But does this mean you need to rush to the store and buy every type of superfood product you see? ABSOLUTELY NOT. 



  1. A great read.

    I must also add that studies also support that by regulating your microbiome. You can reduce symptoms of pain from arthritis back pain, fibromyalgia and more. In fact clinicians all around the world approach pain with this microbiome report and heal decades of chronic pain diseases like fibromyalgia, chronic blood diseases and more in just a matter of weeks.

    Adding superfoods can help protect healthy gut bacteria and reduce inflammation in the long haul. Reducing pain around the joints.

    Great read!


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