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Which Kind of Molecular Hydrogen Water Is Best?

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Molecular hydrogen (H2) therapy is set to soon be a massively popular health trend in the United States, considering its multitude of powerful health applications coupled with zero risk factors or side effects. The hydrogen-rich water market is already growing rapidly here and will continue to grow exponentially if the current trends in Asia can help predict anything: H2 water is an over $11.3 billion (U.S. dollars) industry, and in Japan, it accounts for over 10% of the total bottled water market!

There is just one problem… as the hydrogen industry continues to get more crowded, it may get confusing if you’re not informed about how to judge which hydrogen products to use. As a consumer, it’s important to realize the fact that not all hydrogen water is created equal, and the last thing you want to do is invest your time and money on a product that simply isn’t capable of producing the benefits you’re looking for. So how can you tell which hydrogen products are superior? One word – CONCENTRATION. And objectively, trusii is sitting at the top of the heap in hydrogen concentration… by a long shot.

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3 Ways To Dramatically Improve Athlete’s Immune Systems

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Exercise is definitely a double-edged sword. It can be seen somewhat like medication. In the correct doses, it can be very beneficial to health, but in excess amounts, it can be harmful. This is an issue elite athletes have to navigate in all sports – from endurance sports like triathlons, ultramarathons, and cycling to contact sports like football, hockey, and soccer. Even fitness and yoga professionals who teach multiple rigorous classes on a daily basis have the potential to tiptoe on the edge of their exercise load getting to the point where it begins to harm their bodies and compromise their immune systems.

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