trusii 6 reasons to drink h2 water

Hydrogen water, or H2 water, has been a burgeoning trend found to have positive effects on health. Hydrogen, which is neutrally charged, is the smallest molecule in the universe. Thus, it can penetrate every cell in the body, pass through the blood-brain barrier, even enter brain cells. H2 has also been found to neutralize oxidative stress and chronic inflammation. 

There are several ways to ingest H2, but the easiest method to date is to drink it in water—that is, to drink H2 water. If you’re still unsure whether H2 water is right for you, peruse the list below. Perhaps you’ll find a reason to include H2 water into your life. 

1. You have chronic back pain

Matrix metalloproteinase-3, MMP-3 for short, is an inflammatory molecule that contributes to back pain. MMP-3 eats the proteins and cells that support your back. Studies have shown that these molecules feast on your discs, resulting in herniated and degenerated discs. 

Hydrogen water may relieve chronic back pain by disabling MMP-3’s main trigger, the reactive oxygen species. While H2 can turn off the reactive oxygen species, not many treatments can do so. If you’ve tried several methods to relieve your back pain and none seem to work, it’s likely time to try H2 water. 

2. You want to improve your brain power

Studies show that hydrogen water may combat brain-related diseases and functions, such as Parkinson’s disease, strokes, and cognitive, learning, and memory problems. For example, in one study, researchers monitored 17 patients suffering from Parkinson’s. During the study, the researchers gave patients hydrogen water with their regular medication. After the study, the researchers found that the patients’ symptoms improved. 

3. You don’t want to hurt during your workouts

Post-workout aches and pains don’t need to be an unpleasant result of your exercise routine. As it turns out, Hydrogen water helps prevent excessive inflammation, which improves recovery from arduous workouts. Additionally, H2 water reduces lactic acid buildup, a process in which the body replaces oxygen with lactate when there is a deficit of oxygen in the body. Lactate buildup causes cramps, nausea, weakness, and exhaustion. Including H2 water into your exercise routines may make your body feel a lot better after workouts. 

4. You want to sleep better

Hydrogen water has shown to improve the quality of sleep and restfulness. By drinking H2 water before bed each night, you are hydrating your cells, reducing inflammation, relaxing your muscles, and balancing your hormones. Your body will feel relaxed and well, and you will feel ready to sleep. 

5. You want to perform without limits

If you’re an athlete, whether you’re running on a trail, lifting weights, or swimming laps, you know this feeling: the feeling that you can’t go any farther, can’t go any harder. That feeling occurs when you feel like your body can no longer push itself to the limits. This is the feeling you get when your muscles cramp, your lungs feel winded, or you feel a little nauseous. 

As previously mentioned, H2 water prevents inflammation and lactic buildup that causes your body to feel sore and fatigued. By adding H2 water into your diet, you can increase your performance. You can go the farthest you’ve ever gone and go harder than anyone else you know. 

6. You don’t like drinking plain water

Water is the best liquid to drink. It doesn’t contain the diabetes-inducing sugars you find in sodas, the anxiety-inducing caffeine in coffee, and the teeth-harming acid you find in citrus juices. Yet, sometimes, you wish water could do more for you, could do more than hydrate and replenish your body. If you want your water to help you sleep, ease your chronic plains, or improve your athletic performance, then Hydrogen-infused water is certainly the drink for you.

There are two ways to get H2 water. One method is purchasing an H2 system, like these from trusii, a dispenser that creates hydrogen-infused water for you. Alternatively, you can purchase H2 tablets, which you can dissolve in regular water. Whatever the method you choose, get ready to change your life with the power of H2. 



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