Do you suffer from back pain? If you do, you’re not alone. Over 31 MILLION Americans experience low back pain, and it’s the single biggest cause of disability worldwide!

Everyone from the elderly, to office workers, to weekend warriors, to athletes are susceptible to back pain… and once you get it, it may keep coming back OVER and OVER again. When you have low back pain, the symptoms are seemingly unbearable and can affect many aspects of your life. Pain while moving from sitting to standing (or vice versa), trouble sleeping, limitations with movement, headaches, mood disturbances, and more.

So what is the answer getting rid of back pain forever? Is it surgery or prescription medication? ABSOLUTELY NOT. Those avenues of treatment will only address the symptoms of back pain without getting to the root causes. On top of that, they come with a fair share of negative side effects.

Here are 5 natural and easy, yet powerful and sustainable things you can do to eliminate back pain once and for all:

1. Keep It Moving

One of the main causes of low back pain can be a sedentary lifestyle, which many people around the world lead. Sitting for long periods of time and lack of exercise contributes to both muscular weakness and tightness in the hips and glutes, which then puts a tremendous amount of stress on the low back. The WORST thing you can do when you have back pain is to not do anything! If you’re able to move, keep moving, and make sure you’re not sitting in one place for too long. Set a timer on your phone to make sure you’re standing up for at least 5 minutes every hour, and take long walks every day.

2. Engage Your Core

If you have persistent back pain, you DEFINITELY need to work on your core strength – no matter how strong you think you are. And no, this doesn’t mean doing hundreds of crunches… in fact, that may actually worsen the problem. The key is to train your core to engage (i.e. “turn on”) when you’re doing everyday activities. Engaged core muscles will take the strain off your back, preventing further damage from occurring. To get started, here’s one basic exercise you can do. Lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the ground. Breathe out and squeeze your abdominal muscles, particularly your pelvic floor (yes, guys too!) and hold for 10 seconds. Complete that for 10 rounds, then slowly begin to “march” your legs up and down, alternating 10 at a time. Do that for 3 rounds. While it may seem incredibly simple, it’s very effective!

3. Do “Clamshell” Holds

Another major part of your core that likely needs some strength work are your hips and glutes, which can easily get weakened if you’re sitting for many hours a day. And there’s an easy exercise you can do every day to have a HUGE impact on your hip/glute strength. Simply get yourself some looped resistance bands for your legs (like these).  Lie on your side with your legs bent and a band looped around your mid-thigh, and simply externally rotate the leg that is on top, so that your legs look sort of like a clamshell opening (hence the name). But rather than doing repetitions of this move, HOLD it at the top of the opening move, focusing on the contraction of your hip and glute muscles. Hold this position for 1 minute (it should be pretty difficult), switch sides, and repeat one more time on each side. Doing this move every day will pay MAJOR dividends not only with your back pain, but with your rear-end aesthetics as well!

4. Eat Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Chronic inflammation in the low back is one of the major reasons why you’re experiencing tightness and pain, and nutrition plays an enormous role in whether that inflammation will get better, or worse. Focus on eating tons of whole plant foods loaded with anti-inflammatory nutrients – berries, green leafy veggies, and sweet potatoes to name a few. The more of these types of foods (and more) you eat, the more your body will be able to work overtime to calm the inflammation. Another HUGE component of this is AVOIDING foods that may be making the inflammation worse, such as processed foods (refined grain bread, muffins, sugary and salty snacks, and foods high in inflammatory fats in particular), fast food, and factory-farmed animal products. Clean up your diet, clean out your back pain.

5. Drink H2 Water Daily

Last but not least, quite possibly the most POWERFUL thing you can do to eliminate the inflammation in your low back is to flood your body with the most powerful anti-inflammatory molecule known to man; molecular hydrogen, otherwise known as H2. The reason why you have chronic inflammation is due to a build up of something called “oxidative stress,” and H2 is the most effective way to combat and neutralize this build up. H2 has also been shown to be ideal for speeding up the healing of soft tissue injuries, including muscular strains, by promoting optimal gene expression for quick repair. So H2 not only calms inflammation, but it’ll help your body rapidly repair any damage that was caused by injury. Here’s the catch – not all H2 products are created equal, and in order to get the best therapeutic effect, you need to find a product that has the highest concentration of molecular hydrogen per glass of water. And we just so happen to have the highest-concentration molecular hydrogen water systems in the WORLD – by a longshot.

So that’s it! Nothing here is too complicated, but consistency is key. If you implement these five tips on a regular basis, you will DEFINITELY see major improvements – and maybe even the permanent elimination – of nagging and debilitating low back pain!

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  1. Great Realistic Tips to add to my daily routine, I’ve was diagnosed with Scoliosis at a young age, so any benefits that will keep it from getting worst I’m open to consider


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