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Let’s face it… sex is often a disregarded and and avoided topic when it comes to mental and physical health. But if you are guilty of dismissing or avoiding sex, your health could be in real trouble. Isn’t it interesting and curious that in a culture where sex is everywhere and used to sell everything that many people are just not having enough sex. That alone is a topic worth understanding, but discussing the reasons you should get horizontal or vertical – or any other position, for that matter – will help to motivate you to get busy and healthier at the same time.

Here are 15 reasons (of the hundreds) why getting between the sheets can positively impact your health in a major way!

  • Feel like a Boss. Having regular sex increases your self esteem, confidence, positive body image, and feelings of intimacy. A study showed that people who had sex the night before public speaking demonstrated less anxiety.
  • De-Stress. Getting horizontal is one of the best stress relievers out there! When engaging in sex, your body releases all sorts of relaxing hormones like prolactin and oxytocin and lowers adrenaline and cortisol.
  • Sleep Soundly. Sex is a natural sleeping pill because of the relaxing oxytocin that is released in the body after orgasm. However, extremely active love making can increase your energy, so before bed take it nice and slow, and skip the bedtime rodeo.
  • Balance Hormones. Sexual contact in studies has been shown to balance the sex hormones estrogen and testosterone.
  • Enjoy it More. Being intimate frequently increases your libido and desire for more of the same. This is mental but also physical for women. More sex increases vaginal lubrication and elasticity, making sex even more enjoyable.
  • Possibly Fight Cancer. Research shows that men who get more than their share of afternoon delight have lowered prostate cancer levels and a decrease in heart disease of up to 44 percent. That in itself makes an adult nap very inviting.
  • Stay Youthful. Aggressive cuddling keeps you younger looking. One study put a group of 20 people behind a two way mirror and let subjects judge their ages. Those getting regular love were judged to be a whopping 7-15 years younger. The healthy glow is not a myth.
  • The Release of the love drug hormone oxytocin during and after orgasm strengthens the bond between couples.
  • Improve Immunity. Getting busy boosts the immune system because of significantly increased levels of immunoglobulin A (iga). This is your immune systems first line of defense.
  • Lower Blood Pressure. Making love on a consistent bases lowers your blood pressure, especially your systolic number.
  • Stay Fit. Sex is a form of exercise and burns calories and strengthens the abdominals, back and leg muscles. Calorie burn is raised 5 calories a minute for men and 4 for women. Just 20 minutes can burn up to 100 calories.
  • Strengthen You Pelvic Floor. For women, intercourse strengthens pelvic floor muscles reducing bladder incontenance and decreases cramping during menstruation. The contractions after orgasm are responsible for these benefit.
  • Relieve Pain. Sex is a natural pain reliever and studies have shown that it is effective for arthritis, back pain, leg pain cluster headaches and migraines.
  • Get Fertile. Regularly slipping between the sheets has been correlated with increased fertility, by preparing the immune system for pregnancy.
  • De-Stress. Last but not least making love increases brain power by decreasing stress. The brain can not function at its most intelligent level under stress. This has been shown in several studies with mice who had more frequent sex making more intelligent decisions.

Who wouldn’t want all these benefits? Sex of course is thought of a pleasurable activity, but hopefully now you’ll be thinking about how sex provides immediate health benefits both mentally and physically to your life. As long as you plan to engage in sex in a responsible and safe manner, talk to your partner and get started now!

Enjoy! 😉



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