We all know sleep is incredibly important, and we’ve been focusing on getting 7-9 hours of sleep every day. But sometimes that’s easier said than done, right? In addition to focusing on the amount of sleep you’re getting, have you really dug into the different ways to optimize sleep quality? At trusii, we’ve been passionate about finding effective ways to dramatically improve sleep quality for some time now, and we’ve compiled a list for you here. If you’re finding that your sleep isn’t as amazing as you’d like it to be, try incorporating some of the techniques below.   

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Before Sleep:  

Expose Yourself to Light During the Daytime

Exposure to light during your waking time, especially in the morning, will help you to synchronize your circadian rhythm (aka your 24 hour body clock) to be able to get you to sleep at the proper time.  

Cut Out Caffeine in the Afternoon

Late afternoon caffeine can significantly disrupt your nighttime sleep, so implement a strict 2 pm cut-off if you drink caffeine. Reducing your overall caffeine consumption during the day will also improve your sleep quality. If you need an energy boost in the afternoon, try trusii molecular hydrogen tablets – they’ll help you boost energy production in your body without caffeine!


Eliminate Stress 1-2 Hours Before Bed

In order for us to sleep properly, we need to reduce our cortisol (stress hormone) levels. Try to avoid stressful work or thoughts at least 1 to 2 hours before bed and do something that helps you relax. This will set the tone for restful sleep. Want to wind down with a movie or book? Don’t read or watch something full of action or drama… try to keep it light!

Avoid Electronics and Bright Screens

While light in the morning is great for your circadian rhythm, exposure to light at night, in particular the blue light from screens, can negatively affect our body’s production of melatonin (the primary sleep hormone). Try to avoid using smartphones, computers, tablets, or televisions prior to bed, and if you absolutely must, get some “blue light blocking glasses.” We like these ones.  

Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol can certainly help us nod off, but a drink or two before bed has been proven to be disruptive of the brainwaves needed for restorative sleep and your overall sleep quality.  

Improve Your Nutrition

While eating processed foods, sweets, and very rich foods can lead to digestive disturbances and the impairment of certain brain functions necessary for proper sleep, good quality whole foods and superfoods rich in complex carbohydrates can help relax you and help you get to bed more easily.  At trusii, we’ve got you covered in this department too. We recommend including at least one serving of our trusii tru.juice.gr green superfood blend every day.

Drink Molecular Hydrogen Water

Molecular hydrogen water – especially our trusii high ppm H2 – has been shown to dramatically improve sleep quality and restfulness. Drinking H2 before bed will deeply hydrate your cells, reduce inflammation, help relax your muscles, and balance your hormones.

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During Sleep:  

Keep it dark

As we discussed above, our body’s sleep patterns are extremely sensitive to light. In fact, we have the best quality sleep when it is completely dark. There are several ways to accomplish this in your bedroom – blackout shades, eliminating any source of electronic light in your room, and/or using a sleep mask.  

Try sleep sounds

If you live in a noisy neighborhood or there are occasional sounds in your environment that may disrupt your sleep, it’s beneficial to cover that up with some sort of white noise, such as a sleep sounds machine or a fan. If you want to take it to another level, you can even play certain music tracks called “binaural beats” to stimulate the most beneficial brainwaves for restful sleep.  

Keep it cold

Studies suggest that sleeping in a cold (but not too cold) room – between 60 and 67 degrees, can be beneficial for your sleep quality and your health. The reasoning is relatively simple. When we sleep, our body temperature lowers naturally to allow us to produce more melatonin. Sleeping in a room that helps your body temperature lower more quickly will lead to better and longer sleep. Temperatures that are too cold or too hot have been shown to disrupt sleep. Still running too hot, or prefer a different temperature than your spouse? You can actually try something called a Chilli pad to regulate the temperature underneath you.

Turn Off Your Wifi

If you’re sleeping, why in the world would you need wifi connectivity? It actually turns out that wifi signals can disrupt your body’s ability to produce melatonin and negatively affect your natural circadian rhythm. So put all devices on airplane mode, and consider buying a “kill switch” to turn off your Wifi router before falling asleep.


The surface of the earth emits a natural magnetic frequency that can assist with our natural sleep cycle and hormone production. Grounding ourselves to this frequency by using grounding mats (or any other kind of grounding device) may help significantly with sleep quality.  

Has this given you any ideas to improve your sleep? Post in the comments section and let us know one or two things you plan on doing to optimize your sleep from now on!  



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