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When you first hear about molecular hydrogen (or H2), you may initially think it sounds like some sort of weird science experiment. And while the scientific evidence behind the power of molecular hydrogen is compelling for many, let’s be honest… most people don’t think in scientific terms. And most of our clients at trusii don’t have scientific backgrounds. So we thought it’d be important to break down the benefits of molecular hydrogen for those of you who don’t feel like digging into peer-reviewed research.


So what can you expect in terms of practical benefits from trusii H2…

In other words, what will it FEEL like?


Here are 10 of the many things you might notice.




1. Your energy may go through the roof.


Imagine having a constant flow of energy throughout the day without any of the typical afternoon sleepiness. Imagine waking up without any grogginess, and just being able to bounce out of bed and get your day started. Imagine feeling a lot less fatigued after an incredibly busy day or wild weekend. That’s the kind of energy you’ll experience while consuming trusii H2.


2. You may feel laser focused, resulting in tremendous productivity.

Ever feel scatterbrained or not totally present? Because it has such a profound effect on the brain, you’ll likely notice a feeling of being incredibly “in control” of your thoughts in an organized way you may not have experienced before. Your ability to zero in on the task at hand, as well as absorb important information, will improve significantly as well. So just imagine getting more done at work or school, remembering things you often used to forget, and even thinking about solutions to problems in new and creative ways.

3. Your mood may improve.

Have you ever had trouble controlling your emotions, or even simply felt a little “down” at a seemingly random time? New studies suggest inflammation plays a significant role in depression and mood instability. So when you start consuming trusii H2, you may notice a heightened sense of emotional well-being. Things that used to irritate or annoy you in the past may just roll off your back and stress levels might go down significantly.

4. You may sleep like a baby, and you’ll probably have vivid dreams.

One of the most common issues plaguing us in the modern world is poor sleep quality. Whether it’s due to our hectic schedules, heightened stress, or too much exposure to sleep-disrupting lights, it seems that many of us have issues with getting a good night’s sleep. trusii H2 can help with that in a tremendous way. So imagine sleeping soundly through the night, and so deeply that your dreams will not only come alive, but you’ll remember them the next day!

5. Your body may feel more limber, and aches and pains may start to melt away.

Another major problem about modern living is that since we’re constantly being assaulted by inflammatory toxins, combined with the fact that we’re sitting too much, our bodies aren’t as flexible as they should be. Decreased range of motion leads to nagging aches and pains, as well as making us more susceptible to injury. Given its effectiveness in fighting inflammation, H2 may be able to significantly improve your flexibility and range of motion, while also reducing and potentially getting rid of aches, pains, and injuries. Low back pain? Kiss it goodbye.

6. Your athletic performance may improve.

Whether you’re a runner, practice yoga, are passionate about Crossfit, or are simply trying to get into better shape, incorporating trusii H2 into your lifestyle is an absolute game-changer. You’ll likely experience everything from improved endurance and strength during your workouts to significantly better recovery in between your workouts. You may be able to push harder, run farther, and even lift heavier, leading to seriously improved performance results. And on top of all that, H2 may help protect you from overtraining-related injuries and lowered immunity.

7. Your skin may clear up.

As our body’s number one detoxification organ, the inflammatory conditions and toxins we’re harboring within our bodies tend to show up in various forms on our skin. Whether it’s rosacea, blotchy skin, loss of elasticity, acne, psoriasis, eczema, or anything in between, unsightly skin conditions are often times treated more effectively from the inside out. On top of that, hydration levels play an incredibly important role in skin quality. So by simply drinking trusii H2 water, with both it’s powerful anti-inflammatory and deeply hydrating benefits, your skin is likely to look smoother, vibrant, and glowing.

8. You may get closer to your ideal weight.

You’ll likely notice some weight loss with the improved energy levels and improved performance in the gym already mentioned above… but there’s another incredible benefit to trusii H2. Hydrogen has been shown to be incredibly effective at controlling blood sugar, which is one of the most important keys to maintaining a healthy weight. So simply by drinking trusii H2 water, your body composition may improve… even if you don’t think you need much improvement in that department!

9. You’ll probably feel younger.

H2 has been called “the real fountain of youth,” and as you can tell by all of the benefits mentioned above – increased memory and focus, boundless energy, improved flexibility, complexion, and body composition, and even better results in the gym – you may feel like you’ve turned back the clock about 10 years or so!

10. You’ll ABSOLUTELY want to tell everyone about trusii H2!

While these benefits seem too good to be true, we’re getting reports from our clients every day to support each and every one of the statements above. Once you take the plunge and incorporate trusii H2 into your life, you’ll start to feel it too. And if you’re the kind of person that cares at all about others around you (if you’ve found us here at trusii, you likely are), when you start feeling these amazing benefits, you’re not going to be able to stop talking about it! You will soon realize that you’ve started a ripple effect of transformative wellness around you, simply by telling others how you’re feeling!


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  1. great read! The best part is this is backed by so many backed scientific and clinical studies.

    You experience more energy because H2 increases function of the ATP powerhouse, mitochondria via regulating transcription factor pgc1-alpha. In simple terms, this means hydrogen water gives you more and bigger energy producing factories in your cells!

    You experience increased focus because this corrects a lot of dysfunction that occurs when we have difficulrt concentrating including, inappropriate function of brain chemicals (neurotransmitters) like dopamine, and acetycholine. In fact H2 is helping people, including myself with things like ADHD, others I know with dyslexia etc.

    Keep chugging that H2.


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